Guns n Glory Heroes

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Guns n Glory Heroes


Guns n Glory Heroes
Description: Thanks to the knights heavy armor, he can withstand a lot of damage. This makes him best suited for fighting on the front line, blocking the enemies advance. The berserker’s grenade launcher is dangerous, but his axe is lethal! His traps can stop whole armies. The mage is a very powerful ranged fighter! Use physical or magical damage to defend your houses! Be patient while loading: +25MB size Defend at least one of the buildings has to survive if you want to be victorious. The knight: Thanks to his heavy armor, he can withstand a lot of damage. This make him best suited fighting the frontlines, blocking the enemy advance. The berserker: His grenade launcher is powerful. He deals more damage than anyone else. The mage: The mage is a very powerful ranged fighter and they can even deal area damage. They can’t take a lot of damage though. Make sure you don’t let escape too many enemies. Stop them. If you tap on an ability button and hold you can see their description. The time meter tells you when the next attack wave will start and when a when that is currently in progress will end. Tap on it to start the next wave right now. Abilities: As long as abilities will have uses available, they can be triggered with a little delay. If an ability runs out of uses, you have to wait much longer before you can use it again. Damage types: You deal either physical or magical damage. Different enemies are vulnerable to different type of damage.

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